Sport and Event Photography

Kruithoff Photography is a locally owned, photography company that offers event/sports photography.  We offer several services and products to meet the needs of your event.  Sports teams and leagues, fundraisers, tournaments, graduations or any other event that has people to photograph, we can customize just about anything for you.


Sports Leagues and Teams

Capture players at every stage of their career with individual and team pictures.  On-site, Traditional backgrounds and green screen extraction are available.  The web gallery features Event Specific custom backgrounds and over 3000 backdrops to choose from. Add text and effects at no extra charge.

We are equipped to handle individual players and/or teams.  It isn't necessary for full teams to get pictures. We can use either a full group team picture or we have the capabilities to create a virtual group using the individual player extractions.

Tournaments, Graduations and Fundraisers

Add another level of coverage to your event!  We can photograph all of your teams, graduates, and VIP's individually, then we add action and candid shots to the event gallery.  Your event, school or team logo can be integrated into custom graphics, too!  Awards, plaques and gifts are available and can be fully customized.

Facial Recognition

There's nothing worse than trying to find a needle in a haystack.  Our facial recognition software makes finding your player, graduate, or guest easy!!  It works one of two easy ways.

1.  Have your picture taken! It's that easy!  Come to our booth and get registered.  It's easy and only requires an email address.  Once we have your individual picture, it's easy to find the rest of your pictures.  Great for graduations or tournaments where action shots and candid shots will show up in your personal gallery.

2.  Find your face and click! It's that easy!  Find your face in a picture and click on it.  Any picture that has your face in it will be recognized*.  

Ask how you can use this technology at your next road race.  If you use bib numbers, we can provide unique services to your racers.

Personal On-Line galleries are available.

When you register and get your individual picture taken, your images will be organized in a personal gallery and emailed directly to you!  If your event featured facial recognition, any candid or action shots with your face will appear in your personal gallery.

Online Ordering is fast and easy, and easily customized!

Once your images are available, orders can be placed anytime online with most products arriving 2-3 days after purchase at your home.  You can customize everything from basic prints to bag tags, water bottles, key chains, plaques, buttons, magnets, even Instantly Downloadable digital images that can be shared on social media minutes after they are taken!

Customize Backgrounds and Overlays for your team, school, league or event.

Do you have custom graphics or logo's?  They can be easily integrated into backgrounds or overlays that make the event more memorable.  Some services may require a setup fee or minimum purchase.

Don't have an event background or overlay?  Need a logo for your event?  Ask about custom design services.

Sample Image - before and after!

Types of Products Available and Packages Examples

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