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Heisey Youth Sports Pictures

Kruithoff Photography is proud to provide photography services to the Heisey Community Center, Youth Sports leagues. Our goal is to provide quality photographs and products for an affordable price that we both can be proud of.

Our process uses a green screen system along with state of the art software to capture your athlete and create an exciting result.  This process allows us to offer several picture products that illustrate your athlete's youth sports experience.

Spring Volleyball 2019

Kruithoff Photography

is offering a new and exciting way to get your individual and team sports pictures!

  • Coaches schedule your teams photo session.  Above is a link that will give you all the allotted slots we have available.  Remember this is for the whole team! 

  • After the individual picture is taken parents can see proofs within 3 to 5 minutes.

  • Parents get to see proof before ordering.

  • Parents get to choose their own background.

  • Orders can be placed by mail or ONLINE!!

  • No more worrying about not having cash at the time of pictures.  ONLINE ordering convenience as well as buying vouchers when paying with check or cash.  Don’t have a debit or credit card that’s OK.  We can still get the parents their kids memories!

  • No collecting orders or handing out order forms.

  • Portraits are mailed directly to the parents home fast.  Within 72 hours of receipt!

  • Virtual team photo so no more waiting for entire team to show up or the time doesn’t work for the parent due to schedules. 

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