Behind the Lens

Blissfully married since 1991, we are a husband and wife photography team. Our love for photography started back before anything was digital.

Rob fell in love with taking pictures when he was a child and was given the Kodiak 110 by his grandmother. The love turned into a passion when he found his place in a dark room at Chester High School.

Kim fell in love with the instant gratification – the Polaroid. There is nothing quite like the snap, shake and you have an image. She still has the first one her dad taught her on.

For many years, photography became more of a hobby and documentation our children’s life as they grew. After raising our two kids and exploring the big world, we’ve decided to return to our passion – Photography. 

What We Do

Simply put, we capture memories with a fun experience.  It is all about YOU!

We want to give our clients an experience that provides access to an heirloom that will last a lifetime.  That experience begins with finding out what YOU want. Everything from, funny to serious, prints or canvas, color or black and white and … What are your ideas?  What story do you want to tell?  What do you want your pictures to say about you and your family?

Our goal is to give you self-confidence and bring out your personality in each portrait.

Why We Do It

A few years ago, when our children became adults and we became empty nested we got a family portrait done.  The pictures were ok, but it did not capture the personalities of any of us.  We had to coach to photographer and give her ideas so that we could just get finished with the session.

We want to provide our clients heirloom quality memories and an experience they won’t forget.  Our portraits show your personality by providing you a great experience.

Simply put, we do it because of our pure passion to showcase YOU! 

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